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What identification does a child need to cruise? What if I am traveling with a minor that is not my own child? What if my last name does not match my child’s?


Required ID for Kids

To learn exactly what documents your child needs for your itinerary, visit our Travel Documents Hub.


Traveling with a child that is not your own

Are you traveling with a grandchild, niece, nephew, or other child that you are not the guardian of? When a minor (age 17 and under) travels without their legal guardian, an accompanying adult must present a notarized form signed by the child’s guardian. This ensures the child has the guardian’s consent to leave the country and participate in release-form activities onboard.



Different last names

If your child has a different last name than you, you will need to bring an official supporting document to help explain why the names are different. The supporting document must be the original, or a notarized copy. Some examples of valid supporting documents:

  • State, county or province-issued marriage license
  • Divorce decree
  • Government-issued name change document
  • Official adoption paper


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