Can international guests sail to Cuba with Royal Caribbean?


Yes. All guests — regardless of country of residence — are required to meet one of the 12 categories of authorized travel while onshore in Cuba and to carry the appropriate visa if applicable. Additionally, all guests cruising to Cuba, regardless of age or country of residence, must present a passport booklet (NO passport cards or other forms of I.D. will be accepted) valid for at least 6 months after sailing date.

Citizens of the following countries must obtain an additional, different type of visa, called an A-1 visa, to visit Cuba. Royal Caribbean cannot facilitate an A-1 visa; citizens of these countries will need to take the appropriate steps to obtain an A-1 visa prior to their embarkation.

Cameroon | Eritrea | Ethiopia | Ghana | Guinea | Kenya | Nigeria | Sierra Leone | Somalia | Afghanistan | Bangladesh | Philippines | India | Nepal | Sri Lanka | Pakistan | Iraq | Yemen

Citizens of the following countries are NOT required to obtain a visa for short-term visits to Cuba. However, guests should confirm for themselves that this information is current and applies to their own visa status in regard to Cuba. 

Benin | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Macedonia | Malaysia | Montenegro | Serbia | Grenada | St. Vincent and the Grenadines | Antigua and Barbuda | Belarus | Mongolia | Russia | St. Kitts and Nevis | St. Lucia | Singapore | Barbados | Dominica | Namibia

There are several companies that offer visa processing services to guests to assist in obtaining a visa. Below are some  suggested companies. 

ABC Charters Inc. | travel@abc-charters.com | 877-817-1160 | www.abc-charters.com

Airline Brokers Company Inc. | yt@airlinebrokers.net | 305-642-5002 | www.airlinebrokers.net

Va Cuba Inc. | info@vacuba.com | 305-649-3491 | www.vacuba.com

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