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What are Culturally Enriching Cruises for ships departing from Mainland China?


Culturally Enriching Cruises are sailings that immerse guests into the local culture of a specific country or region. On these cruises, the vast majority of guests may be from that region, speaking the native language. In addition, guests will experience the local flavor & flare during their time onboard. Some examples are:

  • The Windjammer and Main Dining Room will be inspired by the region’s local cuisine. All dining venues will still offer Western options to ensure we cater to all our guests.  Should you have specific dietary restrictions our onboard team will facilitate.
  • Some specific Specialty restaurants will be tailored to the region for ships departing from China.  Of course, we will have some of our fan favorites onboard like Izumi, Sorrento’s, Chops Grille, Chef’s Table, Jamie’s Italian, Vintages, and the Windjammer Marketplace. Your toughest decision onboard might just be where to eat!
  • Production shows onboard ships departing from Mainland China will be core Royal Caribbean International shows which place heavy emphasis on music and dancing, as opposed to language. Language for activities, comedians will usually be in Mandarin when ships depart from Mainland China.  Guest entertainer’s language will vary.
  • U.S. Dollars will always be the currency onboard.
  • For Cruises departing from Mainland China, access to the Solarium and cost for selected activities might be different from other countries.

* Onboard activities and dining venues may vary by ship. 

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