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Questions related to Club Royale

Club Royale is free to join for all guests 18 years and older (21 years or older in Alaska). Rewards and benefits are based on your status. The more you play, the more you earn rewards!
The Club Royale Rewards Program allows guests to earn benefits and rewards based on their gaming activity and Tier level status. Earn exclusive benefits onboard, FreePlay and even complimentary cruises.
When enrolled in Crown & Anchor and with using your SeaPass card while gaming, guests will be auto enrolled into the Club Royale Rewards Program. To ensure that you receive Club Royale information and offers, please ensure your marketing permissions ...
To earn Reward Points and be eligible for casino offers, insert or tap your SeaPass® card while playing at the slot machines and present to the casino staff at table games. Earn 1 Reward Point and Tier Credit for every $5 coin in at slot machines and...
Club Royale Rewards Program allows guests to earn Tier Credit based on their gaming activity during the programs calendar year (April 1 - March 31). During the program period, the Tier Credits are accumulative and add up to elevate your Tier Status. ...
Benefits for each Club Royale tier can be found here.
To view your current Tier Status, Tier Credits and available Casino Cruise offers, visit Clubroyaleoffers.com. Enter your name and Crown & Anchor loyalty number to view your Club Royale Rewards Program account.
When gaming onboard with your SeaPass card, guests will earn Tier Credits to elevate their tier status with Club Royale. Tier status allows guest to enjoy benefits and perks while onboard. Guests will also earn Reward Points that can be downloaded as...
Reward Points can be download at the slot machines for FreePlay. To use Reward Points at the gaming tables, visit the Casino Cashier onboard to redeem for Non Negotiable chips.
Tier Credits earned during the sailing may tier you up to the next level. Guests will enjoy the new tier level benefits for the remainder of that voyage and future voyages with the newly earned status.
Invitational offers and type could vary depending on your tier status or on past play history.
Your Club Royale tier level will be visible on your SeaPass card, which will allow crew members and other guests to recognize your tier level.
At this time, Royal Caribbean's Club Royale Rewards Program and Celebrity Cruise’s Blue Chip Club do not offer reciprocal benefits or status.
Masters tier members and guests staying in the same cabin will be provided access. This benefit is subject to availability and capacity constraints. Reservations are required and can only be made with the Maître d’ once onboard. Available on Oasis an...

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