9 Foodie Adventures You Can Have on a Cruise

Shore excursions that let you unleash your inner foodie
by 1453

The best way to experience another culture? Taste the food, of course. We’ve rounded up some of the best — and most delicious — foodie experiences you can have on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Hope you packed your appetite.

  1. San Juan Food and Culture Tour

Take a walking tour of Puerto Rico’s capital city, then learn to make an authentic Mojito and whip up some mofongo, a traditional Puerto Rican meal with plantain, red beans, white rice and pulled chicken with creole sauce.

Find it in: San Juan, Puerto Rico

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  1. Graycliff Chocolatier Factory Tour and Tasting

If you’ve cruised to the Bahamas before, you may think you’ve seen the best of Nassau. Think again. This behind-the-scenes tour of the famous Graycliff chocolate factory lets you suit up in coveralls to see firsthand how regional cacao beans are processed and made into tasty chocolate. Then you’ll try your hand at creating your own chocolate delights, which will be packed in a special gift box for you to take home.

Find it in: Nassau, Bahamas

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Salsa, Salsa and Margaritas - royal-caribbean
  1. Salsa, Salsa and Margaritas

Get your groove on in the kitchen: Learn to make several tasty types of salsa (think tangy green salsa, mango and melon salsa, and more) as well as two kinds of margaritas—all while shaking your hips to salsa music. Sample some local culinary creations, then hang out on the beach or at the pool.

Find it in: Cozumel, Mexico

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  1. Taste the Hawaiian Lifestyle

Experience a “progressive brunch,” visiting three private homes in different neighborhoods of Kona and enjoying a special course of local seasonal specialties at each residence.

Find it in: Kailua Kona, Hawaii

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  1. Alaska’s Wildest Kitchen

Taste the freshest seafood imaginable during this visit to a rustic Alaskan kitchen. A fisherwoman and wilderness chef will teach you the secrets of fishing, preserving and cooking fish like salmon and halibut before you grill your own catch-of-the-day over a custom-made wood grill.

Find it in: Icy Strait Point, Alaska

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Cooking Class in Hoi An - Cruise Asia by Destination Asia (6)
  1. Cooking Class in Hoi An

For foodies, there’s nothing quite like a Vietnamese cuisine — with Eastern flavors and spices and a touch of French influence, meals are balanced, fresh and flavorful. During this tour, you’ll take a gastronomic adventure through Hoi An’s Old Town, learn about the spice trade beginnings, and discover techniques and local ingredients during a culinary demonstration and tasting by a skilled local chef.

Find it in: Hue/Danang (Chan May Port), Vietnam

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  1. A Taste of Marlborough

Take a gourmet tour of arguably the most delicious area of New Zealand, visiting the Prenzel tasting room for liquors and schnapps, the Spy Valley Winery, and the Makana chocolate factory, tasting your way through all the incredible souvenir options.

Find it in: Picton, New Zealand

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  1. From Lemons to Liqueurs

Learn how Sorrento’s flavorful lemons are used to make limoncello, a lemon-based liqueur, as you tour the famous Villa Massa liqueur factory and sprawling lemon groves. And yes, you’ll get to taste the sweet and zesty drink along with some homemade biscuits.

Find it in: Naples (Capri), Italy

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  1. Turkish Cuisine Cooking Class

Visit a Turkish country market, or “pazar,” with the best tour guide imaginable: a local chef. You’ll pick out fresh veggies, local olives, cheeses and homemade spreads to create your own traditional Turkish feast, complimented by Turkish wine or beer.

Find it in: Bodrum, Turkey

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Is your mouth watering yet? Satisfy your appetite by exploring all of Royal Caribbean’s culinary adventures.