The Wonders Of Hibachi—At Sea

Royal Caribbean’s authentic Japanese offering feeds and delights.
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The excitement of hibachi at sea.


Royal Caribbean’s Izumi is known for its fresh, authentic sushi and sashimi, but the other major draw of this stellar on-board eatery? Its live hibachi experience—the first at sea. Specializing in authentic flavors of Japan, Izumi offers diners the chance to be entertained during their meal—witnessing talented chefs flipping and catching eggs on the edge of a spatula, creating innovative patterns with the food on the teppan grill, and tossing food at diners who catch it in their mouths.

It’s one of many unique dining experiences that defines a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation. “The experience you’ll get with the hibachi is that guests will sit down—we only have eight seats per table—and they’re able to engage with the chef,” says Travis Kamiyama, founder of Izumi. “[And they’ll] get live cooking, with a series of fried rice, some vegetables, premium seafood or meats that they get to order.”

Available on our Oasis- and Quantum-class ships, Izumi has hired the best teppan cooks from around the world to execute this convivial experience. “The good thing about hibachi or teppanyaki is, it’s dinner and a show,” says Michael Gilligan, director of culinary for Royal Caribbean International. “So it’s good, interactive. And the chef—well, not only does he have to know how to cook, but he has to be an entertainer, also.”

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